How events and concerts are affected by coronavirus pandemic


Our world revolves around various events and activities that we have to keep-up on a day-to-day basis whether for personal or business reasons. Many of us go to the gym to stay fit or attend seminars for personal benefits or as part of our job or business. Concert producers organize local or world tours as their source of income as well as the artists, production staff

All these events and individuals within this industry are so deeply affected big time by the sudden outburts of the coronavirus covid-19 pandemic. Events are prepared from 6 months to one year prior to the event date. Deposits are paid by the producers/organizers to the venues, artists, event planners, event coordinators, production staff, vendors, hotels for the artists, airline tickets and so on. Money collected from ticket sales were already consumed. There were events that were about to happen late March and April, right at the mouth of the global lockdown that happened in mid-March 2020. Everyone on earth was saddened, horrified and confused by the situation. As a result, there was a massive ticket refund request from frightened concert fanactics and event goers. It was a huge blow to the organizers. They cannot take back the deposit they have given to the artists, to the staff and to the vendors because the show is not totally cancelled. The event was just rescheduled to a future date whenever the pandemic is over. But the question is, when will covid go away so we can live back to our normal lives? The answer to that million dollar question is….who knows? Nobody knows. One thing that is certain is……uncertainty.


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