How To Apply for Rakuten Affiliate Program And Make Money

  • Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Program – is a Japanese company, based in Tokyo Japan serving 30 countries from the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

          Rakuten, Inc. offers online services in the following industries:

  •  E-commerce
    • Rakuten Ichiba
  • Food delivery
    • Rakuten Delivery
  • Travel – Rakuten Travel
    • Voyagin
  • Online cash-back
  • Internet portal and digital content sites
    • Viki
    • Rakuten TV
    • Kobo Inc.
    • Rakuten Aquafadas
  • Marketing and data analysis
    • Rakuten Advertising
  • Messaging app
    • Viber
  • Communication services & sale of mobile devices
    • Rakuten Mobile

           Rakuten, Inc. tapped the FinTech industry as well.

  • Banking and securities
  • Credit cards
  • Life insurance
  • Digital wallet

Like any other affiliate program, you need to get approved first before you can start making money with Rakuten, Inc. Rakuten offers different ways to make money based on the above mentioned industries. You can earn a commission by becoming a publisher through Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Program. To get started to earn extra income with Rakuten, you need first to sign-up and create a new account on their Rakuten Advertising Website.

Here’s How To Set-up Your New Account”

  1. Visit Rakuten Advertising website which is their Affiliate Program website.
  2. Click “Get Started”.
  3. Choose the option to “Become An Affiliate”. The Rakuten Advertising Publisher Registration window will open. Fill-up all the pages of the form. Make sure to be ready will all the requirements before you submit the application so that your application will be approved.

Another way to make money with Rakuten, Inc. is to earn cash back on your purchases. You don’t have to have a website or a blog to become a publisher and you don’t have to be a social media influencer to promote the Rakuten products or affiliate products. Click here to start earning a cash back with Rakuten Rewards.


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