The unexpected happened when the coronavirus came in rage at the beginning of 2020 and forced the world to shut down. Covid-19 came and spread so quickly that prompted the world to face the battleground unprepared. Among those who are greatly affected by the covid=-19 pandemic are the students, from the preparatory level, up to the college level. Schools and universities around the world were shut down beginning March 2020. The educational communication system was abruptly rerouted from in-school, on-campus face-to-face learning, to “Distance Learning” where teachings are conducted in the student’s homes with the aid of the internet connection via zoom, using their laptop, desktop computers, tablets, or mobile smartphones. Now is September 2021, 18 months after the lockdown started in 2020, and most of the schools are still closed. Some schools in the United States have started their on-campus learning but, there are still some that conduct teachings remotely.

To adhere to the abrupt change of the educational system, the giant computer technology companies such as ASUS and Intel, have partnered and joined forces to address the sudden change of the atmosphere and created solutions with innovative capabilities that would bridge the gap between the teachers and the students in a smooth and flawless manner. The main problem with distance learning is internet lagging and screen freezing due to the internet connection and the computer features and specifications. Both sides including the parents can attest that the struggle with remote learning is real. With the right technology, things can be made better and even more convenient, and fun.

Therefore, when choosing the right computer intended for distance learning, remote learning, or home-schooling, students and parents should consider buying computers with remote learning capabilities because these machines are equipped with tools and features for such purposes. Additional factors when buying distance learning computers must also be taken into consideration, such as the grade level of the students, or if the student is playing some online games during their free time, or if the student is a constant traveler. Of course, the price tag is always on the top of the list.

Below are some ideas for choosing the right products for your at-home classes or remote learning.

Recommended laptop or desktop computers for kids or elementary students learning at home during the coronavirus pandemic:

Chromebook: The most popular laptop for kids and also for online learning is the Chromebook which is powered by Google. You do need to have a google account in order to use it. Chromebooks are small, lightweight, secure, simple, and shareable devices that help your kids stay productive and connected. Chromebook is synced to Google browser and can access your Gmail or Google email account conveniently. It comes with free 5g cloud Google Drive storage for your photos and documents.

Setting up a Chromebook is easy. Simply log into your Google Account to get studying and access all your Google Drive files and Chrome preferences on your Chromebook.

With Chromebook, you can access essential apps for studying at home and connecting with others, like Google Meet and Zoom. Chromebook keeps you and your data safe from malware due to the multiple layers of security and automatic updates.

A chromebook is cheaper and more affordable than a laptop due to the lower price. It has longer battery life, and better security but then, it doesn’t have all the luxury that laptops can provide. Chromebook is not for heavy users.

Google Pixelbook Go:

Starts fast.Starts up in seconds so it’s ready when you are.Goes fast.The 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processor is quick and responsive.4Stays fast.Chrome OS doesn’t slow down over time so it always feels like new.

Up to 12 hours of power.2A battery that goes all day so you can go further.Charge in minutes.Get up to 2 hours of battery use in just 20 minutes of charge.3

starting at number five we have the expert book 2451 from asus a light well-built and powerful laptop that will support you through an entire
workday you can either get it with a 10th gen i5 or i7 processor

and up to 16 gigs of ram for fast and responsive usability the storage options feature a
combination of hdd and ssd where the maximum hdd compatibility is 2 terabyteand 1 terabyte of m.2
ssd to gracefully meet your storage demands display wise you get a 14 inch fhd led backlit screen with a 60hz refresh rate for responsive viewing
you will get about 13 hours of runtime according to asus which is likely to vary depending on your usage other perky features include wi-fi 6 for
a stable network usb type-c for fast data transfer and a fingerprint reader for maximum security overall the asus expert book p2451
is a remarkable laptop that has a lot to offer for the student segment [Music]

next up at number four we have the swift 3

acer’s ultra lightweight laptop that got remodeled with the latest intel processors to streamline your dynamic lifestyle with enhanced speed
acer’s laptop design has always been a strong suit and this year’s model is no exception at all it showcases an aluminum unibody design
with a thin and portable form factor that altogether gives it a clean outlook this 14-inch laptop features an 11th gen intel core i5 processor while keeping the price tag the same as
the previous model and giving you more value for the price you payweighing only about 2.6
pounds it has a fairly responsive backlit keyboard fhd ips display and 17 hours of backup with fast charging support thanks to its thunderbolt 4 port it also has an embedded fingerprint
reader to keep your personal file protected and wi-fi 6 for a fast and stable connection at this price point the swift 3 sure
does deliver a lot for productivity convenience and functionality at number three we have the g315 from dell an entry-level gaming laptop for light gaming
and effortless traveling what sets this laptop apart from other ones is its four gigabyte of dedicated gtx 1650 ti gpu that is plentiful for light gaming it
integrates a 10th gen i5 processor coupled with 8 gigabyte of memory for optimum performancethe 15.6
inch screen has 1920 by 1080p resolution at a battery smooth refresh rate of 120 hertz which will let you respond to in-game situations pretty swiftlyas we mentioned earlier this 5.5
pounds laptop is effortless to carry and is ideal for daily commuting the wi-fi 6 compatibility will keep you away from network frustration
so that you can focus on your task at hand or enjoy lag free gaming looking at the i o we can see a full-sized hdmi and a usb-c port for connecting this
laptop to a secondary screen or charging it back up at a remarkable speed lastly this laptop will stay functional for about 6 hours and 30 minutes during
regular use which is more than what most premium laptops claim to deliver if you are a student who is looking for a laptop with light gaming potential
then we highly recommend the dell g315 for you [Music]


coming up in number two we have the
macbook air a premium laptop from appleton with their most powerful m1 chip and lots of possibilities for creatives it goes without saying
that apple delivers the most optimized user experience and now with their latest m1 chip the possibilities are just endless according to apple this ship can
process images 7.1
timesfaster and 3.9
times for video processingcompared to previous processors the 13.3
inch retina display has a native resolution of 2560 by 1600p and is capable of showing on-screen content with greater color vibrancy and rich details for port you get two
thunderbolt 3 that does pretty good for fast power delivery and data transfer the design language as always holds that premium wow factor of a silvery
finishing that most enthusiasts will admire apple’s outstanding optimization enables this laptop to have an outstanding battery backup
of up to 15 hours that you can rely on for basically any type of task if you are prioritizing performance and quality over everything else then you should go for the macbook air
without giving it a second thought [Music]

finally at number one we have the xps 13 from dell a compact and performance intensive
laptop with a super impressive display and lots of ports it goes without saying that this laptop integrates latest intel processors of up to 11th gen i7 along with 16 gigabytes of ram
and 512 gigabyte of m.2
ssd that you can expand further anytime you want to on top of thatthis 13.3
inch laptop boasts an fhd screen that showcases on-screen content with precise detail while the 400 nits of brightness and 100 srgb color gamut and choice rich color
quality both i o ends hold a total of 2 thunderbolt 4 and 1 usbc port along with a micro sd slot
to import photos and videos directly from your smartphone or camcorder and that leaves us with its claimed battery life of up to 13 hours which in our opinion is quite impressive
to sum things up the dell xps 13 is an outstanding laptop that combines performance and reliability brilliantly making it overall the best option that
you can get your hands on so that was all about the top 5 best laptops for students thanks for watching if you found this video helpful
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With ASUS and Intel’s partnership, they have provided essential tools for remote teaching and learning, ensuring that no student is left behind. They came up with:

  • Seamless distance learning tools – empowers learning at home, developed solutions that optimize video conferencing experience, make learning flexible and protect students from excessive screen time.
  • Safety for education tools – Built to be both rugged and secure, ASUS devices not only withstand everyday knocks, spills and drops, but also feature multiple layers of security to protect your device and network from online threats.
  • IT empowered – Designed for easy deployment, quick on-site servicing and reduced downtime, ASUS hardware and software solutions empower IT administrators to get tasks done quickly.
  • STEAM education tools – ASUS develops high-performance devices with the latest technology and certifications, enabling students to unleash their creativity through AI learning, 3D animation and programming.


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