VGA (Video Graphics Array) – HDTV or High Definition Television is equiped with a VGA connection port. It is rectangular in shape with 15 pin holes. VGA cable works only on HDTV. Don’t attempt to buy VGA cable if your TV is not HD (High Definition) because regular TV sets doesn’t usually come with a VGA port.

Like an S-Video Cable, you also have to be aware that VGA connector doesn’t transfer sound to your T.V. but only video files. When purchasing a VGA cable, you should also buy an audio cable as well. Before buying the audio cable, make sure to check your TV audio input because some or most HDTV have a specialized audio input and this is called “PC Audio”.

Check it out if you have this written at the back of your TV. This is a small round hole in black color at the back of your HDTV. A single point audio cable works on this. This is a thin cable with a single point on one end and another single point at the other end.

Reminder :

Please check your laptop/PC first before buying S-Video cable to make sure that you don’t have any other connection port available other than S-Video. What usually happens is that some people learned from friends and relatives that they can connect their computer to TV using the S-Video cable not knowing that they have other options like VGA or HDMI cables if they have an HDTV (High Definition TV).

S-Video (Separate Video) – is the most common, popular and cheapest cable available. It is round with 4 or 7 pins. Most computers and television sets come with an S-Video Port. But… have to be aware that S-Video cable is only for video connections. It doesn’t apply to sound connections at all. So, if you’re buying an S-Video cable, you have to get an audio cable as well.

There is an audio cable which is a single connector where you connect one end to your computer earphone input and the other end to you T.V. audio input. There is also an audio cable called RCA wherein one end of the cable is a single connector that will be attached to the speaker of your laptop/PC and the other end should be a split/dual connector (left and right) that will be attached to your TV audio input. It usually comes in colors red and white.

Below are the Steps On How To Connect Your Computer To T.V. Using S – Video Cabe

  • Step 1 : Insert one end of the S-Video cable to your computer’s S-Video output and the other end to your TV’s S-Video input.
  • Step 2 : Navigate to the audio/video button on your TV and make sure you set it to video.
  • Step 3 : On your computer, press Fn+ f4 or f5 or whatever works on your computer. It is the keyboard key that has a square on it which looks like a tv screen. Pressing this key would allow your TV screen to act as your monitor.
  • Step 4 : Now, whatever you have on your computer screen should already be showing on your TV screen. If it doesn’t show…….
  • Step 5 : Go to your desktop, right click, scroll down to properties, click settings, scroll your mouse downwards, click on advanced tab. Another window opens and look for the word monitor, click it and click ok. If you have the video work, the next thing to do is to connect your audio cable to get a sound. Step 6 : If you have a surround speaker available, you can hook up your audio cable directly to your surround speaker to get a much better sound quality rather than connecting to your TV which gives you a lesser sound quality.

If you’re getting a not so good picture quality after everything has been set up, well, that’s a very natural effect for using the S-Video cable.


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