VGA (Video Graphics Array) – HDTV or High Definition Television is equiped with a VGA connection port. It is rectangular in shape with 15 pin holes. VGA cable works only on HDTV. Don’t attempt to buy VGA cable if your TV is not HD (High Definition) because regular TV sets doesn’t usually come with a VGA port.

Like an S-Video Cable, you also have to be aware that VGA connector doesn’t transfer sound to your T.V. but only video files. When purchasing a VGA cable, you should also buy an audio cable as well. Before buying the audio cable, make sure to check your TV audio input because some or most HDTV have a specialized audio input and this is called “PC Audio”. Check it out if you have this written at the back of your TV. This is a small round hole in black color at the back of your HDTV. A single point audio cable works on this. This is a thin cable with a single point on one end and another single point at the other end.

The first thing you need to do is to

  • Step 1 : Turn off your computer and your TV.
  • Step 2 : Plug the VGA cable in, one end to your computer and one end to your TV.
  • Step 3 : Turn on your HDTV.
  • Step 4 : Grab your TV remote control and press “input” button once. “Selection Source” shows up on the TV screen.
  • Step 5 : Scroll down until you reach to “PC” then click it. The other way to do it is to scroll the channel button all the way down to channel 2, 1, channel whatever until you get to “PC”. You have to position your TV screen to “PC” mode.
  • Step 6 : Now, turn on your computer.
  • Step 7 : Press F4 for Hp laptops. (For other computer brands, check out list of function keys below.) If it doesn’t work for you, press Fn+F4 simultaneously four times.

You should be getting the same picture on your computer and your TV screen by this time meaning you are already using your TV screen as your computer monitor.

  • Step 8 : Start playing your video or movie. Take note that you won’t get any sound after connecting the VGA cable.
  • Step 9 : Insert the audio cable on the Headset input on your laptop.
  • Step 10 : Insert the other end of the audio cable at the back of your TV on the small black hole which says “PC Audio”. Now, you will surely get a sound on your TV speaker.

If you have a separate surround speaker, you can hook up your audio cable from the Headset input on your computer to your separate surround speaker for best quality sound system.

For other computer brands, follow these given function keys to press.

Toshiba Fn+F5 or +F7. Sony Fn+F7 Gateway Fn+F3 Dell Fn+F8 Acer Fn+F3 Panasonic Fn+F2
Samsung Fn+F4 or F5 or F6 Sharp Fn+F5 IBM Fn+F1 Fujitsu Fn+F5 NEC Fn+F3


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