How to download Zelle Pay on your cellphone.

I assume you already know what Zelle Pay money transfer is. But if  you still need to know more information about this app, please click this link to read the details and come back when you need the step-by-step  instructions on how to download the Zelle app.


If you are not sure if your bank is using Zelle Pay app, click here to browse the list of all available banks. If your bank is not listed then an instruction will also be provided on the link on what to do if your bank is not on the list.


How to download Zelle app to your phone.

To download the Zelle app to your cellphone, go to the app store for iphones and play store for android phones. If your bank is using Zelle app, type your bank’s online banking app on the search bar of the app store. Let’s say for example, your bank is Wells Fargo. So type Wells Fargo Mobile on the search tab. Make sure you choose the right Wells Fargo Mobile app. Click Install to download the app.

When download is finished, go back to your home screen and look for the Wells Fargo Mobile app. Open it and sign-in. Inside your Wells Fargo Mobile app, Navigate to the Transfer menu. On the dropdown menu, you will see Transfer with Zelle Pay.


Enroll your mobile number or email address with your bank account so you can start sending and receiving money.


Select a contact and enter an amount to send. As a security measure for your protection, it may take a few days for your payment to reach your recipient if they are not yet enrolled.


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