How To Find Covid-19 Vaccine Location Near You and Schedule An Appointment

If you live in the USA and looking for a vaccine location near you, there are several ways available to find your best location. At this time, covid-19 is accessible and convenient for everyone who wants to get vaccinated. The US government provides an online platform where you can search online for vaccination centers in your location.

COVID-19 vaccines are free of charge to all who want it, regardless of their immigration status. Visitors with tourist visas are also welcome to get their shot for free. It doesn’t cost a dime.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and VaccineFinder from Boston Children’s Hospital teamed up to put up an online portal to find a covid vaccine location near you. This website provides a service to schedule an appointment online. A telephone number is also provided for you to call to set up an appointment.

How to find a vaccination center near you and schedule an appointment using the website.

To search for a vaccine center near your location, visit by clicking the “Search Now” link below. You can find a vaccine location near you by entering your 5-digit zip code and choosing on the dropdown menu the search radius such as 1 mile, 5 miles, 10 miles, etc as shown in the image below. There are three checkboxes on which covid-19 vaccine brand you are looking to take. Check the box with the vaccine brand you prefer or you can check all the boxes if you want.

After entering the required information, click search for vaccines. Another page will open that displays a list of vaccination centers within the radius that you have previously selected, and according to your zipcode.

Below is an example of how the search results will look like. The zip code entered in this searcg example is the Beverly Hills zip code which is 90210. The radius that was selected was 1 mile and all the check boxes were ticked to display all the covid-19 vaccine brands.

The below search result is showing a list of 10 vaccine providers found in the area within 1 mile of the zip code 90210. It is also showing the covid-19 vaccine brands available within the 1 mile area such as Moderna for ages 18 and above, Pfizer-BioNTech for ages 12 and above and Johnson & Johnson/Janssen for ages 18 and above.

Right above the list of vaccine centers, there is a fine print of appointment instructions stating:

Vaccine availability is subject to change. Appointments are required at most locations. Click a location with vaccine “In stock” to take the next step.

Scroll down on the list of vaccine centers and make your choice. You have to make sure that you look at the checkmark in a shaded circle that says In Stock. It should say “In Stock” for you to be able to schedule an appointment.

If for example you would chose number 1 which is Rite Aid, which is showing the address on the right 300 N. Canon Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 90210, just click the hightlighted Rite Aid on the left and you will be taken to another page which is the Rite Aid page to check for appointment availability. This page also shows which vaccine brands are available. See sample below.

COVID-19 Vaccines at This Location

Moderna (age 18+)

In StockPfizer-BioNTech (age 12+)

In StockJohnson & Johnson/Janssen (age 18+)

In Stock

Last updated: 12 hours ago

If you are decided to take Rite Aid for your covid-19 vaccine shot, go ahead and click the blue button saying “Check appointment availability”. This will take you to another page which says: Rite Aid Covid-19 Vaccine Scheduler. Read the instructions. Enter your date of birth and Zip Code then click NEXT. There is a next button below the zip code which is not shown in the image below.

After clicking ‘NEXT”, an alert will be shown to let you know if you qualify or not. See image below. Click continue and follow instructions.

Click the link below to get started searching for covid-19 vaccination centers near your location.


Thank you for your desire to get vaccinated. Your decision is a big help to stop the spread of this deadly virus that killed our people and our economy. This has to end and we look forward to live a normal life.


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