I was talking to a friend from another friend’s cellphone while washing the dishes. Suddenly, I dropped my friend’s Motorola cellphone in the basin filled with water. I was so nervous especially that I don’t own the phone. I immediately took it out from the water and :

  • took the battery and simcard out and wiped it with a towel.
  • I shook the phone off the best I could to remove the remaining water inside the phone. Gee, alot of water came out while shaking the phone.
  • I grabbed an electric fan and put it on to the maximun level.
  • After 15 minutes, i put back the battery and simcard and turned it on. Unfortunately, the phone didn’t work. The phone was dead. A solid small red dot was visible in front of the cellphone. That red dot is an indication of a water damage and will void any warrantly entitled to the phone. You cannot anymore request for a phone replacement unless you purchase a cellphone insurance.
  • I was so desperate and was very embarrased to the owner but I tried not to panic and stayed positive that I can still make the phone work by hook or by crook. I again took out the battery and pulled the parts apart completely and shook it once again continuesly for 5 minutes then put it back on the fan for about an hour.
  • I put back the battery and all the parts together, turned the power on but nothing good happened. The phone was still dead with that little solid red dot in front of the phone. The owner already pronounced the phone dead and damaged but I didn’t give up. I prayed and prayed, asking God to help me put the phone back to work.
  • I thought of searching online for some tips and suggestions. I came across an article suggesting to soak the phone on a rice. Hmmmm….Rice….what’s the connection? I was a bit skeptical but on a second thought….there’s no harm in trying. Good thing we have a sack of rice available.
  • I immediately grabbed the phone and burried it on the sack of rice for at least 3 to 4 hours hoping for good results.
  • After a few hours of waiting, I took the phone out and didn’t see the red dot anymore. My heart was pounding in excitement. I turned on the phone and Halleluah………… the phone worked like it was never damaged before.
  • What a great experience! I was relieved! Thanks God and Thanks Rice too.

Warning ! I do not recommend using a Blow Dryer to dry the phone because some cellphones might not be able to take the excessive heat coming out from that machine and it will just cause more damage on your phone losing the opportunity to have it fixed.


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