How To Fix UXBuilder Theme Cannot Edit Page Error Problem


UXBuilder is a Multi-Purpose Responsive WordPress & WooCommerce theme builder that can build beautiful designs easily and conveniently. This is one of our favorites. We have created a beautiful stunning website out of this theme builder from Flatsome. This is a multipurpose theme that is perfect for eCommerce websites, shopping online stores, company corporate websites, personal websites, and much more. It is bundled with a huge library of pre-made elements and layout demos that you can choose to your liking. Installation is quick and easy with just one click. You don’t need to be a super website developer to start using this WordPress website template.

Another amazing feature of the UXBuilder theme is the fact that you can edit it live using the UXBuilder editor. Speaking of the UXBuilder editor, this is the reason why we have this article right now in the platform. Yesterday, we tried to edit the homepage of the skincare shopping website that we built for our client. Upon clicking the UXBuilder editor button, we got a string of error messages like as stated below:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method ReflectionType::getName() in /home/www/ Stack trace: #0 /home/www/ UxBuilder\Services\Container->create_with_contructor(Object(ReflectionClass)) #1 /home/www/ UxBuilder\Services\Container->create(‘UxBuilder\\Trans…’) #2 /home/www/ UxBuilder\Application->UxBuilder\{closure}(Object(UxBuilder\Services\Container)) #3 /home/www/ UxBuilder\Services\Container->resolve(‘to-array’) #4 /home/www/ UxBuilder\Application->resolve(‘to-array’) in /home/www/ on line 104

We went back and forth to our hosting files to do some editing of the .php and .css files but nothing worked. We searched for some answers on google but nothing helped. So much had happened to the website as we did some rigorous testings here and there. Upon checking the Flatsome comment section at Envato, we found some similar problems. One of the fix suggestions was to switch the PHP Version to 7.3.

We tried and it finally fixed the problem. Upon checking the PHP version being set-up in our hosting control panel, the version was at 7.0. Using the dropdown menu, we scrolled down and chose the 7.3 from the list of options.

We went back to our wordpress dashboard, refreshed the page and there you go! Problem fixed. No more error messages. We are now able to use the UXBuilder to edit our pages.

We want to share this experience to all those who are having the same issues and be able to fix the problem in minutes. This will avoid wasting your whole day trying to figure out how to fix the problem. The worse case scenario is messing up with the codes that will triple the problem and level up your stress.

So, if you are having this same issue with UXBuilder, go immediately to your hosting control panel and switch the PHP version to 7.3 and that’s it. No more, no less.

Thank you for your time and we hope this article will help you fix your problem. Here is the website that we built for a skincare client using Flatsome UXBuilder theme.

Stay Safe and Stay Strong!


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