If you purchased your ipod in earlier years, it sure came with an installation CD which carries the iPod Software. To install the software in Windows computers :

  • Insert the CD into your CD Rom drive. The software should start installing automatically.
  • If it fails to auto play, click Start, click My Computer then double click on the iPod CD or anything that says iTunes,Apple or something related to it.
  • Follow the given istructions.
  • Your iPod software will be installed at the default location, C:\\Program Files\\iPod\\ (unless you choose another folder).
  • A dialog box pops up asking you to connect your iPod to your computer. Grab the USB Cable Connector included in the box when you purchased your iPod. Plug one end to the iPod and the other end to the computer’s USB port.
  • When installation is completed, you might be asked to restart the computer. Follow the instruction and restart your computer.
  • After the restart, the iPod Setup Assistant appears to help you set up your iPod. Type a name for your iPod in the top field.
  • Choose the “Automatically update songs on my iPod” checkbox if you want to sync your entire iTunes music library and playlists to your iPod each time you plug it in. If you want control of what goes onto your iPod, deselect this checkbox.
  • If you have an iPod with a color display, you can have iTunes automatically copy your photos to your iPod (using your settings in iTunes preferences) to fill any remaining space by choosing the “Automatically copy photos to my iPod” checkbox. Then choose a folder from the Synchronize photos from menu. If you prefer to copy photos manually, deselect this checkbox.
  • Your iTunes Control Panel will open and starts locating for songs previously saved in your computer.
  • After that, you can start browsing for your favorite songs and videos in the itunes store. You can purchase whatever songs you like from the store and start adding them to your Playlist.


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