2020 is the worst year of our lives ever. We were caught by surprise by this coronavirus pandemic at the early days since 2020 was welcomed. It gave us chills and the world panicked in synchrony. The globe’s momemtum halted and people on earth were left jobless, homeless, nowhere to go, confused, distraught, hungry and depression kicked in. Millions of lives were lost and counting. Families were ripped-off from each others arms by the infection and worst…… death, with families left to mourn from afar not given a chance to give comfort to their loved ones who were fighting for their life.

Three to four months of total lockdown left us with nothing in our pockets. Millions of companies were and are still affected. Income and revenue went into a nosedive. Immediate effects are lay-offs and furloughs. Thanks to the internet because work at home was made possible. Companies shifted to work at home to make everyone safe while keeping the business afloat. Companies who were business as usual are the healthcare (Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Laboratories, Accounting Firms, Grocery Stores, Pharmacy, Plumbing and Electrical Companies). They cannot stop their operations because they perform essential functions that we cannot live without. The healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff are our frontliners who risk their lives to save other people’s lives. They are our heroes. We give so much respect and gratitude for their heroic deeds during this time of difficulties. The accounting firms cannot stop preparing taxes business the government needs to collect taxes so they can generate funds that the government needed to give back to the people in a form of a stimulus relief package. The plumbers cannot stop working because people needed to have their toilets fixed when they clogged. Our poo and pee cannot wait for another minute or so. Water and Power are our basic needs. Electricians must be on the go in times we are experiencing electrical problems. Grocery stores cannot close because we need food to feed our stomach and water to keep us hydrated. Pharmacies cannot close because sick people cannot risk their lives without taking the medicine that are detrimental to their health.

Sadly, other businesses are not considered as essential which does not give immediate adverse effects when they don’t operate such as travel companies, restaurants, coffee shops, food chains, malls, retail stores, jewelry stores, skincare stores, spa, gym, hair and nail salon, etc. These types of businesses are the ones experiencing turmoil where a massive lay-off has happened since the beginning of the pandemic. Some companies have routed to work-at-home using the internet but for some companies, their services cannot be performed using the online platform like the zoom and using emails. It has to be in an in-person service. Because of that, these companies were forced to lockdown for at least three months which resulted in massive lay-offs and furloughs. These unemployed individuals have nowhere to go because the lockdown and lay-offs are everywhere.

Right after the pandemic hit its toll, work-at-home businesses became the battle-ground for the pandemic warriors. The rise of online selling at its finest. While physical businesses went into a nose-dive, online businesses such as amazon, went the other way around, an uphill turn towards doubling their profits and revenue into billions of dollars. The good thing is, online business is not only for big companies. Due to its accessibility and affordability, because almost every individual has his own mobile phone, making money online is only a finger-away. An exodus of newbies and ordinary people across the globe ventured into the gems of social media platforms, maximizing their talents and skills to make money and earn a living.

Below is a list on “How to make money online during the coronavirus pandemic”.

Social Media Platform – There are a lot of ways you can make money using social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bigo Live, Toktok and many more out there.

Sell your stuff using facebook, twitter or instagram. Post your products and receive orders from friends and followers.


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