Here comes the most wanted dance moves popularized by Michael Jackson, Moonwalk. If you’re a fanatic and would like to Moonwalk like Michael Jackson, well her’s your chance. We have spotted some interesting Moonwalk step by step video tutorials in youtube and thought it would be cool to share this videos to our visitors. We have also written down the steps for your reference. Enjoy and happy Moonwalking!

First of all, you have to be on a smooth and flat surface like hardwood or smooth tile to execute the moves perpectly. Rough and uneven surface is not an ideal spot for you to practice.

You have to make sure you put on your soft and comfortable pair of shoes. Since you’re a first timer and just starting to learn, better practice with your socks-on-only to create the best glidding experience. The basic steps are as follows :

  • * Step 1 – Stand Straight
  • * Step 2 – Put Your Feet Together
  • * Step 3 – The L Position
  • Lift your right leg with yourtoes pointing the floor. With your other leg which is the left leg that remains flat on the floor, slide it backwards while staying flat on the floor, pushing it behind your right leg atapproximately one ruler (1 foot) apart from each other.
  • The higher you lift your heel up the better. It is important to put pressure on whichever foot is raised to give the other foot a chance to glide back smoothly.
  • * If you can’t grip a balance when on this position, try to move your legs apart, creating a sideward space in between legs in about 3 to 6 inches apart or until you feel comfortable, stable and confident to perform the next move.
  • * When your left foot has stopped sliding backwards, lift the heel on same feet while snapping down (putting down) your right heel back on the floor. This time, your right feet, both heel and toe should lie flat on the floor which completely switching the position. The action here should simultaneously be performed.
  • *Keep repeating the steps over and over again until you gradually get used to the steps, master the moves and finally build up your speed and dance like the king of pop.
  • * As your movements progresses, match every step with a state of the art head and arms choreography to synchronize your body’s entire movements like swinging your arms normally as if you are walking. Swing your right arm forward as your left leg slides backwards and vise versa. At the same time, as you slide your leg backwardds, move your head forward and snap it back to the body as you switch the feet position.The key to a perfect Moonwalking is by making it Crispy and Snappy.



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