How to properly disinfect your car to kill coronavirus


Your car is another place where you spend most of your time. Coming from your office or work, from the grocery store, from the bank, from the church or any other house of worship, from the restaurant, from your friend’s house or from any other places then you go inside your car, touch the car door knob, touch the seat, touch the steering wheel, touch the child car seat, touch the window shield and everything inside the car.

When you catch coronavirus from outside, you transfer it to your pocket, to your purse, to your house and car keys and to your car. Your family touch the car door knob and may touch everything you touched inside the car. Therefore, you are passing covid-19 to your family through your car. That is why it is very important that you disinfect the inside and outside surfaces of your car and you have to do it properly to make sure that coronavirus is completely killed.

Below are some helpful tips and suggestions on how to properly disinfect your car or vehicle in general.


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