How To Protect Yourself and Others from Coronavirus, Covid-19

Coronavirus is scary because this enemy attacks without knowing when and how. So, to get protected, we have to be vigilant and to gear-up with protective shields all the time, every minute, every second of the day.

Coronavirus, Covid-19 Pandemic is a very sensitive matter because it affects the lives of people around the world. Lives are lost, lay-offs by the millions, panic, confusion, hunger, depression, vulnerability. We are suffering this much from this coronavirus outbreak that no one has ever expected to happen.

This coronavirus is a silent killer. It sneaks into our body and attacks our internal organs silently that will lead to death. It is very, very contagious and can transmit from one person to another in many ways. Transmission is very easy, so each individual should take responsibility in protecting one another from getting infected. Each and everyone of us should help our government in protecting the people from this stubborn virus.

There are some guidelines that health experts and healthcare providers are instructing us to do to avoid getting sick with the coronavirus. We should be responsible enough to follow these guidelines and be an advocate to save lives.

  • The no.# guideline to follow is the “Stay-At-Home” order. When you don’t have essential business to do outside, please stay at home to minimize the risk of being infected.
  • When you go outside, please #Wear a Mask and glasses or shades. Not only the nose and mouth that you need to cover but also your eyes. The eyes are the most touched areas in our head. Regular individuals are advised to wear regular mask made of cloth. Some are also using using mask. Avoid using N95 masks because they are reserved for the frontliners who need more protection from coronavirus. Due to the scarcity of supply of the N95 masks, let us leave them on the shelves for the frontliners to pickup. For added protection, you can use the anti-microbial mask copper mask. According to some research, copper is anti-microbial and kills viruses in four hours.
  • #Wear Mask properly and correctly.
  • #Wear Gloves if possible or use a piece of paper towel or sandwich bag (like a ziplock) when touching anything such as door knobs, hand rails, stores items, entering your pin number in the cashier and in any situation where you need to touch something when you are outside.
  • #Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to make sure the virus is wiped-out from your hands. Follow the instructions on how to properly wash your hands.
  • Apply #hand sanitizer when soap and water is not available. Everytime you touch something, sanitize because sometimes, you forget then you touch your eyes, nose or mouth. So make it a habit to sanitize. Make sure that you have a hand sanitize handy everytime you leave your house. Choose the hand sanitizer with alcohol content of at least 70%
  • Make sure to follow #social distancing guidelines which is at least 6 feet away from another person.
  • #Disinfect frequently touch objects and surfaces.
  • #Boost your Immune System – this is the most important thing above all. Strong immune system is your internal shield to fight against the coronavirus. It is the heart of your overall wellness. Keeping your immune system healthy can make your body untouchable by viral attacks and free radical invasion that could harm your internal organs and lead to diseases. A healthy immune system has the capability to combat the invading bacteria that develops into a disease. Find out How To Boost Your Immune System


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