How to reduce the excel spreadsheet to fit in one page for printing


Scale a spreadsheet to fit in one printed page in Excel

In order to fit the excel spreadsheet to one page during printing, we first need to scale it to reduce the size. To proceed, go to your worksheet then:

  • On the top menu, click Page Layout and choose Portrait or Orientation. This will determine how would you like your data printed on the bond paper.
  • Next, click on view, where you can find towards the center of the navigation menu, inline with the Page Layout. On the dropdown of “View“, towards the left, find “Page Break Preview” then click it. On your worksheet, your date will display inside a thick borderline. It means, whatever is contained inside the borderline, will be printed. If you see some data outside the borderline, it means this will not be printed. What you need to do is click on the borderline, hold then drag towards the last word you want to print.
  • If all your desired data will be inside the borderline, go ahead and click File
  • Scroll down then click > Print.
  • The print settings will display in the next column. At the bottom, you will see the number of pages. You should see 1/1 meaning, only one page will be printed. If you will see 1/2, it means, two pages will be printed. Your data will be broken down into two pages. Therefore, you made a mistake in customizing your page. You need to go back and do the same process until you will get it right.


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