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It is recommended to monitor and review your credit report once a year in order to prevent yourself from identity theft. By doing so, it would give you a peace of mind knowing that your credit card is free from any illegal and unauthorized transaction.

Credit Monitoring these days is facilitated through online processing. There are various ways offered in the internet. You can either embark on paid monitoring services or you can also choose to request for a 12 month Credit Report from the three Nationwide Credit Reporting Bureaus namely Equifax, Experian and Trans-Union without spending a dime. The official website where you can request for a free credit report is This company provides a centralized service for consumers to request for free annual credit report from the 3 bureaus without having any fear of being charged if you fail to cancel your account afterthe 7 days or 30 days trial period.

Your request can be executed in 3 ways. You may choose to request your free credit report online, by phone or by mail.

Requesting online is the most convenient and fastest method so far in the sense that reports can be viewed immediately upon authentication of identity.

When googling for a free credit report, you have to be very careful because it could be tricky sometimes if you don’t pay attention to the specific website URL. For instance, if your goal is to get a credit report without spending a dime, you have to type the proper website address and not ending up on websites which offer a free credit report for a period of 30 days or even worst seven days only.

To get a Free Credit Report, you have to type on your browser or Annual Credit Report on google search bar. This website offers a total free service. You can access 3 reports without going over through a trial period. After using the service then you’re done.

If you will type in, you will be directed to a website where you have to sign up offers a 30 day trial period. You are allowed to pull out credit report from Experian only. If you wish to pull out your report from TransUnion then you have to pay for a certain fee which will be billed a month after you made the transaction. This also applies to Equifax. Another thing you have to remember is that, if don’t call and cancel your account a month before the trial period ends, you will be surprised to see a charge in your credit card bill for the following month.


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