Some Windows Vista Users are experiencing this “Windows Security Alert” problem. This Security Alert is seen on the lower right hand side in-lined with the clock, volume battery timer icon and others. This is a red icon with an x inside. When you click on it, a new window pops-up and indicates that the Security Service is turned off. When you try to click the Turn On button, another small window opens saying “The Security Service Center can’t be started”.

If you are having this kind of Alert and can’t seem to fix the problem, don’t panic. Take it easy because we have prepared a quick solution with simple instructions on how to solve your problem.

1st – Go to Start Menu.

2nd – Right above the Start Menu and below All Programs, you will see a white, rectangular box. Usually, “Start Search” is written inside the white box. This white box is called a Search Bar.

3rd – On the Search Bar, type Services. Immediately after you have typed the word Services on the Search Bar, All Programs menu changes. You will see this menu above All Programs. After typing Services on the Search Bar, look at the items above All Programs. The very first word you will see is Programs. Next to programs is ” Digital & Internet Services” The 3rd word is Services. This is the word we are looking for.

4th – Click on Services. Another window opens asking for permission. Just click continue to allow this process to operate.

5th – A bigger window opens that says Services. Go ahead and scroll down on the items inside the box all the way down to Security Center.

6th – Double click on Security Center and another smaller window opens and this is called “Security Service Properties(Local Computer)”.

7th – Inside the box you will see 4 buttons named General, Log On, Recovery, Dependencies.

8th – Click on General. On the middle part you will see ” Start Up Type”. Right next beside it is a rectangular box with a down arrow on the far end. Click on the arrow and it gives 4 selections. These are :

Automatic (Delayed Start) : Automatic : Manual : Disabled

Choose Automatic

9th – Below Startup Type, you will see Service Status. Make sure that the word next to it is Start. If not, click on the Start button and the word next to Service Status should already be Start and not Stopped. Move down towards the end and click Apply then click ok to finish the settings.

Congratulations! your problem is fixed.


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