If you want to use the video chat feature in,  sign in to your account or sign up for an account if you haven't got one yet.

Look down to the bottom part of your screen. On the bottom right corner you will see "Who's Online". Click on it. Your online friends will be listed on the "who's online" box. It will also indicate the number of friends online.

green dot alongside each friend's name indicates that  a friend is online while the gray dot indicates that the friend is offline.

how to use video chat in friendigger
  • Click on the online friend that you would like to video chat with.  A new box will pop up beside who's online box.
    video chat
  • On the 2nd box, you will see your friend's profile picture on the upper left followed by a clock image (Show/Hide Time). clock image
  • The next picture is a broom  image (click this if you want to erase all the content in the box).broom image
  • A small box with an up arrow - file transfer image (click this if you want to send a file - photo, music, video, word, excell),file transfer image
  • A playing card image (click this if you want to play a 2-player game with your friend), playing card image
  • A pencil image (if you want to draw something or write a word using the pencil to send to your friend),pencil image
  • A web camera ( if you want to video chat with your friend).
  • To video chat, click the camera image. This will send your video chat request to your friend. A message will appear in your chat box if your request has been sent succesfully.
  • Your friend will receive a message in his/her inbox saying "so and so has sent you an audio/video chat request. Click here to accept it or simply ignore this message.
  • Your friend must click the "click here to accept it" in order to confirm the video chat request.
  • video chat request video chat request
  • After your friend has accepted your video chat request, you should see a new message in you chat box saying : "friend so and so" has accepted your audio/video chat request. Click here to launch the AV window.
  • Now, you should click the "Click here to launch the AV window" to launch the video player. Upon clicking the said link, another window will open. That window iis the video player.
  • video chat request accepted video chat player request
  • Your friend in the other end will also see this player. Inside the video player window, you will see a small white box  that says " Adobe Flash Player Setting".
  • Your friend will and should also be seeing the "Adobe Flash Player Settings" message in his/her player. You and your friend should both click the "Allow" button to start the video chat.
  • Congratulations! You should be able to use the video chat feature by now.
  • If you encounter some problems, just try to click the " Click here to launch the AV window" in your chat box and follow the same procedure.
  • If in any case your webcam is not working properly like the photos you see below, well then take it easy because I will give you some tips on how to fix this problem.
  • fixing video chat player problem fix video chat player

Click here to fix the video chat problem