Zelle Pay is the latest trend in sending money within the United States  from one bank to another banking company for free.

Zelle partnered with the leading banks and credit unions in the U.S. to allow bankers to send or receive money from one company to another without any fees. The money will be received in minutes.

How Zelle works.

Login to your online banking or credit union account. If you are not sure if your bank or credit union company offers Zelle Pay, click here to check the list. If you already know that your bank offers Zelle, proceed to login to your online banking account.

On the top menu, click the 3 horizontal lines to display the dropdown selection. Scroll down to “Transfer & Pay”, click it. On the next window, you will see the “Send” and “Request” links. Remember, navigation varies from bank to bank.

If  you are sending money, click send. If you are requesting money, click Request.

To send money, you need to add a recipient first. To do so, click the “Add Recipient” button or if you can’t find it on the upper right or left corner of your screen, look for the + sign. You can choose to use your receiver’s email address or phone number. An option will be available for you to choose from. Follow the instructions.

After the recipient/receiver’s phone number or email address is added, the receiver will receive a text message/email to confirm the transaction. After the confirmation, you can now start to transfer or receive funds from the same or different banks like for example, if you are banking with Bank of America, you can transfer funds to your family and or to a merchant who is banking with Wells Fargo free of charge.


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