Ways on How Artists and Performers can make money during covid-19


When will big concerts and events resume during coronavirus pandemic

When the global lockdown was imposed in March 2020, one of the major industries hit the hardest by the coronavirus pandemic is the entertainment industry. Major concerts and world tours were scheduled day after day but unfortunately, when the lockdown started, all of them were canceled with an indefinite rescheduled date. This industry was deeply hurt by massive lay-offs and furlough. Fans demanded a refund which was very painful to the organizers and producers.

The entertainment industry is trying to be creative in dealing with the virus and financial hardships. Thanks to the Zoom technology for giving artists and performers the opportunity to connect with fans online. Some artists are giving away free concerts online to entertain their fans during these very difficult times of the covid-19 pandemic.

In the early days of this pandemic lockdown back in March 2020, the entertainment industry hoped by December 2020, the world is back to business, but now, it is already the last part of January 2021, 10 months, going to 11 months after the stay-at-home was mandated, but unfortunately, the world is still struggling to contain the rising cases of the coronavirus. The good news is, the covid-19 vaccine is here and essential workers and seniors are already vaccinated. Healthcare authorities estimated that the rest of the population in the United States will get vaccinated by April 2021 and it’s going to get better by end of 2021. But this is only an estimate. No one really knows about what’s the deal with the vaccine since the supply is scarce due to the global demand. If after people are vaccinated, large gatherings and concerts may be permitted to operate but it’s going to follow the new normal guidelines which is the mask mandate and social distancing. The social distancing

Venues are wrapping up their new normal guidelines to be adopted once concerts and large gatherings start to kick-in. Bear in mind that each venue has its own guidelines according to their local safety regulations, so be sure to check with the venue website for more detailed information before going to an event when things will be going back to normal which is the new normal.

But since onsite gatherings and large events are still considered as the superspreader of the coronavirus, concerts, gigs and shows are still prohibited. After almost a year of not making any money due to the stay-at-home order, artists and performers are already very broke and hopeless. Some are trying to become creative and go out from their shell to embrace the new technology to connect to their fans anywhere in the world and make a little income through the use of the social media platform.

In this topic, we will be sharing some tips on how artists and performers can earn an income during the covid-19 pandemic. These are useful ways how artists can create another revenue funnel to get going in this very difficult situation. Artists are popular and usually have a fanbase who are following them on their social media accounts. This fanbase can help them provide revenue with virtual performances by simply vlogging, connecting to their fans on a daily basis for more revenue streams.

Here is a list of ways artists can generate income virtually online using the internet during the covid-19 pandemic.

Patreon – some artists and content creators are making money by creating a Patreon account at www.patreon.com website. In this platform, you can let your fans become active participants by offering them a monthly membership. Subscriptions usually go by tiers. You can assign your desired tiers such as $5, $10, $20 per month. Above is an example on how the tier looks like. You can invite your fans from your other social media accounts to become your Patreon subscriber. They need to pay for a monthly subscription to be able to access your show or whatever you do on your Patreon platform. You give them access to your exclusive Livestream performance. This can give you a recurring income through monthly payments from your patrons.

People who are using Patreon are:

Podcasters, Video Creators, Musicians, Visual Artists, Communities, Writers & Journalists, Gaming Creators, NonprofitsTutorials and EducationCreators-of-all-kinds

Super Chat – Artists can generate income using their Youtube account by activating the Super Chat feature. You can do anything that you think your fans would love. You can talk to them, tell them stories or sing. You will earn an income by their donation through the chatroom sticker. They can send you the amount they want and as many times as they want. The stickers come in different colors according to the amount. You will only read the message or shoutout request of the paid sticker in the chatroom. This is unlimited revenue since the audience covers globally.


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